Abe’s Plates Available

Until 2007 hundreds of designs were produced in various sizes of plates, bowls, platters and sun catchers, of which these are the remaining pieces. All work was designed, made and signed by Abe. They exemplify his love of life and nature in simplistic “still life” expressions. “Abe’s Plates” were made with enamels fused inside of glass making them harmless to food, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.

Free shipping to any one of the 50 U.S. states.

6″ plates -$29 ea.

8″ bowls -$39 ea.

10 1/2″ plates -$49 ea.

10″ bowls -$59 ea.

12 1/2″ platters -$79 ea.

9″ x 13″ platters -$75 ea.

8″ plates -$39 ea.

Singular pieces

17 1/2″ platter -$199