Which one is me?
My grandsons make a better picture!

I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania where my father was a preacher in two country churches. The churches were blessed with many gorgeous stained glass windows and lots of heavenly music. In those days, you know, preachers really were very preachy, and during those seemingly endless sermons, I was often busy folding the church bulletin into a great airplane or simply watching the sunlight dance in the big beautiful glass windows.

From those beginnings I became an artist and musician, graduating from Philadelphia Musical Academy in 1963. While attending school in Philadelphia I was teaching and performing regularly, much of the time with my own group that became known as the “Yanks of Dixie”. Subsequently, I attained an M. A. degree in education from William Patterson College and proceeded to teach music in New Jersey for the next 32 years. At the same time, working with glass as a medium, I executed about 100 architectural windows, at times creating color and textures not commercially available in glass. Establishing those attributes to glass required the heat of a kiln. To further   master techniques for controlled melting of glass, I worked and studied with many recognized and respected glass artists and became quite adept at imparting specific qualities to glass with the use of heat. Application of those techniques   led to the formation of “Abe’s Plates” in 1988 and “Abe’s Plates Inc.” in 1994.

With over fifty years of experimentation, study, and practice, I have achieved the respect of, and been awarded great honors by, the glass art community for my contributions to the art of casting and fusing glass. I am fortunate to have a long career in the arts and am proud that my work has become part of many collections around the world.