Artist’s Statement


When looking into a piece of glass I sometimes think of a beach where the silica for my glass may have originated. Silica sand and heat are the essential ingredients for making glass. Nature herself uses these ingredients to form a glass rock called obsidian. The rock reacts with sunlight as if light were a plaything, often trapping it within, reflecting it, bending it, and separating it into fragments of rainbow color.

Over time my rock has evolved from it’s beginnings in stained and leaded flat glass to etched and carved panels and lamps. Later, I became emerged in the possibilities availed by firing the rock. Attempts at controlling the molten material led me through the processes of fusing, casting, lampworking and blowing the glass. Manipulation of the molten glass, whether performed manually or by gravitational force, is an exhilarating experience for me. Anxiety grows as the glass cools and the unseen secrets within it are revealed.

In glass, I can create a world full of unrestricted ambiance. I can expand my visualization of the world by arranging perspective and form. Perspective might be a place where form and color reorganize or where more dimensions seem to exist. My rock is in a temporal place where the imagination can establish how it relates to the world around it. I enjoy thinking that a glass creation of mine may replicate a planet in some foreign orbit or a rock far away in another universe. Whether making a simple plate or a complicated sculptural form, it is my objective to create an ethereal feeling within the rock as that seems to be God’s natural plan for glass.